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Growing Crisis

There is a growing sense of urgency among Christian leaders that a disaster could happen at any time and the church must be ready! With the threat of an economic crash, future social unrest, natural disasters, escalating threats of terrorism, bio-chemical warfare, and pandemic catastrophes, the body of Christ, like Joseph in the Bible, needs to be equipped to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of individuals impacted by these events.

Through past disasters like 9/11, Katrina, record-breaking tornadoes, and hurricanes, we realized that government and local agencies alone are not able to handle the magnitude of destruction these disasters bring. Specifically, government and local agencies are not equipped to minister to the overwhelming emotional and spiritual needs of individuals affected by a disaster, let alone the physical needs.

The Church's Problem

The church is often called the "second disaster." The reason for this label is that untrained individuals from churches "self-deploy" to a disaster scene because they want to help. These unexpected workers have no credentials, no training, and no supervision. Because they are not associated with a disaster response organization, they have no on-scene physical and emotional support.

The church has a history of caring for hurting people but, if the church is to make a real difference at disasters, they must be trained to handle the work, stress, and chaos of disaster scenes. They also need the credentials, support, and supervision that a disaster response organization provides before, during, and after a disaster.

Most churches lack the expertise to create, train, and maintain a disaster response team. Some may feel they can't be involved in disaster ministry because their congregation isn't large or they don't have dozens of volunteers.

The Solution

We train, credential, and mobilize the body of Christ and its resources to meet the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of those affected by disaster. We enable and empower individuals and churches in the Body of Christ to minister to people by ensuring they receive the necessary training and are credentialed before the disaster. This is critical because all human and equipment "resources" have to be assigned a "type" (classification) so they can be called into service when needed; they must also be tracked and supervised at the disaster scene.

As a non-governmental disaster response organization (NGO), we provide individuals and churches with the credentials that government agencies require and ensure that volunteers will be supervised and cared for physically and emotionally at the scene and after they return home. By training and deploying with us, individuals and churches in the Body of Christ can be instrumental in seeing lives transformed in the name of Jesus.

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